Sunday, September 7, 2008


You know, I absolutely loved by the incredibly large and gorgeous flowers decorating the models' hair at the Illionaire show way back at RAFW SS 08/09 earlier this year. But let's face it: AM I REALLY GOING TO WALK DOWN THE STREET WITH AN OVER-SIZED FLOWER POPPING OUT OF MY HAIR? I think not*. So here are, in my honest and very humble opinion, some other accessories that also conjure up that slightly dreamy, ethereal, romantic and definitely floral vibe that's so perfect for spring. Click to enlarge.

*I would, but the constant bemused and puzzled looks from my boyfriend just wouldn't be worth it.

Images:,,, Witchery Fashions, Diva Accessories, Sophie Kyron.


A dreamer said...

hi girls,
do any of you want to contribute to my zine?
you know you want to.... :)
i'm in search of a few writers to write on current issues and/or fashion.
let me know if you're interested!

henree said...

sites seems a bit quiet these days xPP

nice pictures tho.. =p

maybe you should do an article on the fashion style of 21st century like that something-juki thingy mabob.. with the jap people =pp

Bonita Silva said...

i loveee accessories, number 7 is a totally cute brooch. i bought a brooch because it looked nice, even though i don't wear brooches. :(