Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Writers

international editor

age/d.o.b: 19 - 26th April 1989
degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) @ UTS
fav music: Rock and other random stuff - QOTSA, Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Vines, Wolfmother, Michelle Branch, Tegan and Sara
fav tv shows: Extinct: Veronica Mars, Current: How I Met Your Mother
fav movies: Shawshank Redemption, Amelie, A Very Long Engagement (anything Audrey Tautou), Pride & Prejudice, Bend it Like Beckham, Life As A House
fav books: Pride & Prejudice, anything Kathy Reichs, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, The Grenadillo Box, A Clockwork Orange
fav publications/media: SMH, Mags - Vogue, Harper's Bazaar
hobbies/interests: computer/console games, flute, shopping, reading, facebook (though more of an addiction), movies, cars, travel

fashion&beauty/lifestyle editor

age/d.o.b: 18 – 22nd Aug 1989
degree: b communication (journalism)/ba international studies (Spanish) @ UTS
fav music: anything house/ministry of sound, justin timberlake, the chemical brothers, fall out boy, kanye west, gabriella cilmi, soundtrack of Chicago.
fav tv show: the simpsons, family guy, south park, the chaser’s war on everything, futurama, gossip girl, so you think you can dance, thank god you’re here.
fav movie: big fish, dead poet's society, anything involving hayden christensen.
fav book: outlander series by Diana gabaldon, shopaholic series by sophie kinsella, novels by terry goodkind, harry potter
fav publication/media: Vanity Fair, US Elle, UK Glamour, Shop Til You Drop.
hobbies/interests: shopping, reading, playing organ/piano/cello, reading, making a mess in the kitchen, using speed limits as suggestions, going for long walks in the shopping centre.

political and national editor

age/d.o.b: 18 - 4th June 1989
degree: b communication (journalism)/b laws @ the University of Technology, Sydney
fav music: muse, coldplay, the cat empire, radiohead, franz ferdinand, jeff buckley, damien rice, basement jaxx, justin timberlake, moby
fav tv show: scrubs
fav movie: the sound of music, the godfather, amelie, the count of monte cristo, the motorcycle diaries, the shawshank redemption
fav book: amadeus, to kill a mockingbird, harry potter, gone with the wind
fav publication/media: time magazine & SMH
hobbies/interests: violin, piano, drums, reading, collecting records, stalking hot imports, drinking nice coffee, craving chicken laksa, live concerts, pesto gnocchi tasting

arts/photography editor

age/d.o.b: 19 – 5th January 1989
degree: bachelor of communication (journalism) @ the University of Technology, Sydney
fav music: five for fighting, the kooks, playradioplay!, Dashboard Confessionals, hellogoodbye, boyslikegirls, motioncity soundtrack, frou frou, Tegan and Sara, The Morning Light, This Providence
fav tv show: Grey’s anatomy, Scrubs
fav movie: Anne of Green Gables, Amelie
fav book: Pride and Prejudice, Unexpected, Syrup, and I would have to say the Twilight Saga
fav publication/media: Frankie, Cream and Yen magazine
hobbies/interests: I’m in love with fictional men: Mr. Darcy (of course), Edward Cullen, Laurie/Teddy, Severus Snape, Colonal Brandon, Angel (Tess of the D’Urbervilles), and totally infatuated with Christian Bale! Okay, now that we have the male interests out of the way, I’m also: photography obsessed, loves to pick up a pencil now and then to draw random things, plays tunes on the piano, rollerblades like a 6year old (no actually they’re probably better), photoshops photos out of reality, and likes to avoid strangers on public transport by wearing earphones and big sunnies.


Stephanie Kok said...

and often neglected...

Kester said...

o0o looking good ladies! very nice, im impressed. yay asif facebook wasnt enough of a distraction =D

henree said...

LOL .. what happens if i like the crappy bits too?? lol xPP

more sites to endulge yourselves in eh.. more distractions =.=

Annette Lin said...

Yes Henry, sport IS a crappy bit.

henree said...


i also read current affairs?!?!

GO TIBET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Kok said...

aw, now that we added the profile bit, my first comment doesn't make sense...

oh well! +1 comment!

patt said...

awesome idea girls!website looks good too..keep them articles coming!

Anonymous said...

hey guys!
good on you, its great how you've started a website. annette, now i have something to distract me away from UEFA championships


J said...

the RHCP

Dimuthu said...

hey yo i am kool guy.. u pretty sexy girl no? want to meet for interview ;)


Bonita Silva said...

thanks dim for a very productive comment :P

Anonymous said...

ohhh hottt =D u guys are such dorks!! i loves it LOL. and AMY HAHAHAHAH i laughed so hard when i read ur description! I'm glad u take my opinion of u being like Nakoma seriously =P

love you pretty ladies xoxox

p.s i have plenty of chocolate to give bebe *winks at bonnie* lmao!!

yes this was a productive comment.

Anonymous said...

i am a cute girl looking for a sexy interest dimu2?????

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