Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pretty pictures: Damn them.

Click to enlarge. In the first image, left to right: Berrin Noorata, Abbey Drucker and Heidi Bivens.

Images:,, Betts Shoes, Zu Shoes, Mico-Mico, Witchery Fashions, Sportsgirl Australia,, Luxe Accessories, Viva La Frock and American Apparel.


Bonita Silva said...

ooo! me likes that black skirt from sportsgirl. looks tasty! hhahaha

Imelda Matt said...

what about you 3????

Stephanie Kok said...

Great post! Who are the others?? =)

and Imelda, how you flatter us!

henree said...

I swear that pictures makes the woman look awkward =pp