Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's go to Hope Street

Vox pops from designers at the Hope Street Markets (today and tomorrow, Paddington Town Hall). Click to enlarge.

Images: Hope Street Markets homepage and Limedrop. Vox pops by Annette Lin, who had an awesome time at the markets today and congratulates herself on actually being able to find an all-day parking spot in Paddington. Skills.


Stephanie Kok said...

Nice post! Ah vox pops...I actually don't mind them too's the long interviews which still get me every time!

henree said...

i dont remember seeing shelbyville and candyhand jewellery.. xP

looks good.. dont like this ovrlapping businss on the first spread =p

Bonita Silva said...

oh wow! nice work miss!

kez said...

steph told me to leave a comment.

Hope street markets are good, I worked at one and spent too much money =)

Lucy Loo said...

Just wondering how similar Paddington markets are to Glebe markets?