Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bang Bang: My Baby Shot Me Down

There’s an adage for almost any situation. Swim with sting rays, you will get stung. Dance in the snow for an extensive period, you will get pneumonia. Give the mentally unstable narcissist a gun, he will shoot you.

Houston, we have a landing. Unfortunately, such logic doesn’t apply to the USA or it’s craftily manipulative National Rifle Association – no siree.

Last time I had intermittent dreams about dying, shooting, and murdering (not that I do, hypothetical here), I was under the impression that guns had the capacity to maim and disfigure. Charming in the least, I hear you say.

Yet in America, thirty-eight states have passed legislation to allow the carrying of concealed hand guns – thanks to the successful lobbying of the well funded and powerful NRA. It’s democracy that enables a Rifle Association to have political leverage in exchange for financial support to campaigns. Apparently integrity is expendable.

Several psychopathic killers have gone on shooting rampages at universities and high schools; possibly the world’s most sacred institutions, and why? Gun laws lack any stringency or arduous mechanisms to sift through instances of those who are capable of handling a gun, and those whose subsistence relies upon fulfilling a disturbed fetish to kill.

Cho Seung-Hui of the Virginia Tech massacre snapped, because his girlfriend left him. Maybe Sonny Bono would do good by changing the words of “My baby shot me down” to “My psychopathic ex-baby shot everyone down”.

Obtaining guns in perfectly legal conditions in Virginia, the screening processes were so meticulous; he had to wait an entire month to purchase a second gun. Wow, talk about putting his plans on hold. Cho’s past involved stopovers at mental institutions. I’m perplexed that a background check only measures criminal activity – nothing else that would be necessary before you bestow someone with a gun and say ‘fire like the wind’.

Gun laws need to be repaired before the American Government can truly sympathise with the families involved in such tragedies. Contrition cannot be genuine without necessary change. The political façade of condemning these killers remains to foster sympathy, yet they leave every avenue open to permit the continued destruction of peoples basic rights – even worse still supporting such legislation for financial support.

It seems civilisation is best at disintegrating every right we’ve taken an age to cultivate.

Then we had the Westroads Mall shooting in Nebraska. Robert Hawkins, the emotionally fragmented nineteen year old who deemed himself “worthless”, attempted self glorification through “taking a few pieces of shit with me”. He was fired from McDonald’s (evidently showing traces of going far in life). His girlfriend also left him two weeks prior to the aforementioned spree.

The delightful child threatened to kill his stepmother with an axe when he turned 14 and was subsequently hospitalised, yet he had the authorisation to attain a gun and shoot dead eight people in a twisted egotistical pursuit of self-validity and restorative pride. “I’m gonna be fuckin famous” reads the suicide note. This epitomises the very narcissism and resolute self-importance that we are consumed by.

Surely there are deranged psychopaths lurking at every corner. But making the means available only facilitates the issue in enabling every raging narcissist to execute their compulsions. Only a non-American can look on that country with sheer amazement as they rapidly descend the evolutionary ladder.

Have we learnt our lesson? Do not break up with a girlfriend/boyfriend if you sense their brain composition is slightly damaged through their tendencies and desire to kill and destroy. Wait no; that was the second lesson. First lesson? Don’t move to America.

Photo: Flickr - P.Retuta


J said...

The liberty, autonomy and sovereignty of the ‘second amendment’

Bonita Silva said...

oh jeremy you law student, you

Janahan said...

America needs a president version of Kevin Rudd. Seriously,how awesome would the world be if that were true :(. American really needs to Obama/Gore it!

J said...

You should write an article for vertigo

Kester said...

Maybe Sonny Bono would do good by changing the words of “My baby shot me down” to “My psychopathic ex-baby shot everyone down”.

.....HA...with that thought in my mind never leave me lollzz or gg for you =P
oh and great article =D one of my favs so far.